General Waste Disposal

KWIK TIP BINS has provided commercial and industrial waste services in Gippsland since 1978.

We offer a comprehensive service, tailored to meet our customers' needs and can provide a range of waste removal containers, from front-load 1, 1.5 and 3 metre skip bins, bulk bins from 14 metres up to 30 cubic metre capacity.  Because KWIK TIP BINS is constantly servicing many customers in Sale, Traralgon, Maffra, Rosedale, Stratford and Heyfield and surrounding districts, it can offer unparalleled waste services on a regular basis. Accounts can be easily setup for regular clients.

KWIK TIP BINS responds immediately when additional or modified services are needed. Our rubbish removal service is not limited by travel times from distant depots. 

Front load skip bins and bulk bins are manufactured and maintained in our workshops. Construction is carried out by appropriately qualified people. The bin designs are robust and have stood the test of time in demanding applications

Casual Skip Bin Hire Service

The 1.5 and 3 Cubic Metre Skip bin can be hired casually or permanently.. Casual Skip Bin Hire makes them ideal for those household cleanups for periods of a day to several weeks. Call 03 5144 3900 for a quote and book your casual skip bin.

      240 Litre Wheelie Bin General Waste Service

Kwik Tip Bins offers an affordable Wheelie Bin General
Rubbish Collection Service in Sale and outlining
areas not limited to: Boisdale / Cobains / Clydebank /
Airly / Newry /  Tinamba / Riverslea / Bundalaguah/
Dennison / Nambrok / Heyfield/ Tinamba / Glenmaggie.

What can I NOT put in a bin?

The following items are NOT to be placed in 1.5 cubic metre or 3.0 cubic metre bins.

  • Tyres
  • Mattresses
  • Oils
  • Chemicals
  • Bricks / Concrete/ Tiles
  • Batteries
  • Asbestos
  • Gas Bottles
  • TVs
  • Dirt
  • No cement sheet unless we have inspected it.  


Bin Options

240 litre Wheelie Bin 1.5 metre Kwik Tip Bin 3 cubic metre Kwik Tip Bin
240 ltr wheelie bin 1.5 cubic metre skip bin 3 cubic metre skip bin
16 metre Kwik Tip Bins

 Hook Truck

Kwik Tip Bins Front Lift Truck
14 cubic metre waste bin  Hook Truck transports our bulk bins Kwik Tip Bins Front Lift Truck
240 litre General Waste Bin 30 cubic metre bin  


Green Waste 

We also provide a Green Waste Service to selected areas. Click here for more information.

Cardboard Recycling

For Cardboard recycling: click here

Call Kwik Tip Bins your Waste Management Specialist on 03 5144 3900 for free no obligation quotation.